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Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts. We’ve all heard it before: “Trust your instincts!”  But is it true? Yup. Everyone has that gut feeling that lets you know if the decision you have to make is in your best interests or not. And I don’t know why, but from my experience, it’s never ever wrong. The hard part… Continue reading Trust Your Instincts

Get to Know Your Customers First

Get to Know Your Customers First. “Dear Sir or madam! Buy my service! It’ll make your company (insert adjective here… successful, profitable, award-winning….)” Will it really? I doubt it. So many companies hammer potential clients with offers to do just that. Recently, I was DM’ed on Twitter by a new follower who, at first glance… Continue reading Get to Know Your Customers First

The Competition Doesn’t Matter

The Competition Doesn’t Matter. Don’t pay so much attention to the competition. They don’t matter. I realize this goes against everything anyone’s ever taught you, but hang with me here for a minute… “Don’t pay attention to the competition? But… They’re who I’m up against! How can I ignore them?” Firstly, I didn’t say “ignore… Continue reading The Competition Doesn’t Matter

Stop Worrying. Start Learning

Stop Worrying. Start Learning. How would your life be different if you stopped worrying about things you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can? I’ve been trying to write this blog for over a week now. Losing sleep over it because I couldn’t come up with a topic. Losing sleep over a… Continue reading Stop Worrying. Start Learning

Procrastinate Procrastinating.

Procrastinte Procrastinating. Procrastinate procrastinating. Just put it off. You have better things to do. Every day when I get up, I make coffee. And after I’ve had a few sips, I look at my to-do list. Then I take a few more sips of coffee and look at my list again. It’s pretty overwhelming on… Continue reading Procrastinate Procrastinating.

Clients Can Be Rough

Clients can be rough. Yes, I said it: “Clients can be rough.” Of course they can. They’re human. We all can be rough. I know I certainly can be. But, when it all comes down to it, clients are your income. So what happens when “the client is always right” meets “the client is driving… Continue reading Clients Can Be Rough