Thoughts to Chew On

Check. Check. Check.

It’s reduced my stress and improved my productivity. By taking 10-15 minutes at the start of a large project to list out the major steps helps order my thoughts. From there, I break the larger steps into their smaller pieces, which makes the large project less overwhelming because instead of seeing “Finish Giant Project” on my to-do list, what I see instead are bite-size pieces of work that aren’t hard to check off and each one gets me closer to the end goal of finishing that giant project without losing my sanity.

There’s a huge variety of software and services that do this - I find Asana to be one of the best project management systems out there. The free version is great for solo entrepreneurs, and for larger teams, the paid version is loaded with features that help keep you and your entire team on track. You may find one that works better for you - or you may even find that old-fashioned paper and pencil work just as well, too.

Give it a try, and you can start checking “get organized” off your to-do list.