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Get to Know Your Customers First

Get to Know Your Customers First.

“Dear Sir or madam! Buy my service! It’ll make your company (insert adjective here… successful, profitable, award-winning….)”

Will it really? I doubt it.

So many companies hammer potential clients with offers to do just that. Recently, I was DM’ed on Twitter by a new follower who, at first glance seemed to have worthwhile content so I followed back. Within 10 minutes of following this user, I received a DM with a three paragraph pitch about how his services could improve my cash flow and make my business an overnight success.  Ditto for the majority of new LinkedIn connection requests.  

Clearly it was a canned, automated marketing push. This impersonal marketing tactic counts on one thing to make money:  bulk. Hitting enough people with a generic message is going to, eventually, yield some paying customers. And if that’s your business model, go for it.  For me though, I’m not going to risk my business on someone that hasn’t done what I consider a crucial step in the “let’s work together” process: taking the time to actually learn about my business, what my unique goals are, nor even what it is that I even do. 

How can you guarantee me results if you don’t know what I even do? I wouldn’t trust my business to that and I, in turn, couldn’t offer my clients any kind of success if I don’t understand their business model, their motivations, and the personality they want their business to present to their public. And to find that out requires actual conversations. 

Sure it takes more time, but the payout is well worth the investment. I’d rather have a portfolio full of regular, repeat clients that understand the level of interest I have in their company goes beyond the price I charge for services, than a portfolio full of clients I know nothing about past their invoice numbers. 

My success is dependent on my clients’ success – and by culturing these relationships, I enjoy long term relationships with my clients and earn their referrals.

Interested in starting a new relationship? Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.