Thoughts to Chew On

It's Time.

I run a design agency now. All by myself. And there's a lot that goes through my mind, and having it rattle around my head with no outlet just doesn't make sense anymore. I need a place to put down my thoughts, to let them live and breathe. This is the place to put all those things that run through my head as I, day by day, realize my dream and make it more and more of a reality. If I'm lucky, maybe some of you will comment, help my ideas grow, inspire me, and maybe even be inspired yourselves.

But first, people have to start reading what I write, I suppose.

I've thought about starting a blog for quite a while now and, honestly, I'm finally getting over the ”what the hell do people care about what I have to say” mentality that's prevented me from starting this sooner.

Recently, I attended and spoke at an event for the business incubator I'm fortunate enough to have set up my office in. This event was attended by more unbelievably successfull entrepreneurs than I've ever been in one room with before - ever. And hearing what they had to say, and realizing that what they had to say not only mirrored my thoughts, but validated what I'd been thinking and knowing to be ”right” in terms of my own professional and personal development, was invaluable to me. We all have to start somewhere - and it's determination, drive, and trusting that ”gut instinct” that makes it all work the way you want it to.

So hopefully someone out there will stumble across what I have to say and help me with my challenges - and perhaps I can make a difference for that someone in return. And maybe that someone is you.