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Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts.

We’ve all heard it before: “Trust your instincts!”  But is it true? Yup.

Everyone has that gut feeling that lets you know if the decision you have to make is in your best interests or not. And I don’t know why, but from my experience, it’s never ever wrong. The hard part – for me at least – isn’t hearing it, but instead actually listening to it.

When I look back on the major decisions I’ve made in my life, my gut instinct was never wrong. That isn’t to say I always made the right choice. There were times I ignored that instinct and, well, things didn’t go so well in every one of those cases. And those times that I did listen? 100% of the time I made the right decision with no regrets. 

So why don’t people simply follow that instinct? Because more often than not, the “right thing” to do isn’t the easiest. The “gut reaction” may be leading you to a place that, in all honesty, can be a very daunting or scary place. Somewhere you’ve never been before. The unknown can be scary because it brings out that annoying but persistent voice in your head that whispers, “what if I fail?”…. 

But what’s more daunting: trying something new and gaining in life experience, or being too afraid to try and ending up in the same place you are now? Your instincts know how to answer that question. Do you?