Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Imagine reaching your next client right as they’re searching for your exact product. By targeting the right traffic with the right message, a properly prepared Pay-Per-Click campaign attracts the right customers at any stage of the buying cycle.

Reaching your specific audience involves more than just creating some ads and choosing a handful of keywords. It involves in-depth research, testing, and refinement. Our PPC team has a proven method to help your business hit the ground running and generate new business. We’ll optimize your budget across text, display, remarketing and video ads to target your product or service to your client demographic, all while maximizing your budget and your impact.

Text Ads

Paid text ads, appearing above organic Google search results, provide potential buyers with information about your business, along with a link to your website or a link to call you directly on your mobile device.

Display Ads

Display ads are similar to text ads, except they also contain an image, video, or rich media. Display ads can run on the more than 2 million websites that are part of Google’s Display Network. We can help create and target your display ads to appear on websites that are relevant to your product or service – right where your customers are looking for information.

Remarketing Ads

Ever visit a website considering a product, only to have that product “follow you” across the rest of your browsing and social media? These advertisements are call remarketing ads and we can create those for you, too, so potential customers see your product or service repeatedly.

Video Ads

Video ads appear on the YouTube platform, promoting your product or service in front of relevant video content your customers are watching.